Brief history

OZ Cabbie was launched in Sydney in April 1999 with distribution expanding to Brisbane and Melbourne by popular demand the following year. By 2002 it was available nationally through paid subscriptions.

In 2011, again by popular demand, we launched our website which broadened our reach substantially, however, it also resulted in a serious drop in paid subscribers. 

In 2016, after 17 years of publishing a printed magazine, it became clear that it was no longer sustainable due to escalating costs and we made the decision to go 100% digital. December 2016 was our last printed issue.

Only true cabbie magazine

OZ Cabbie is the only independent magazine for taxi drivers in Australia whether they own their cab or drive for someone else. It is unashamedly pro-driver and as such has become hugely popular and highly respected by those in the industry who work behind the wheel for its editorial honesty, credibility and insight..

Know the facts

Every state has a Taxi Council or Taxi Industry Association that publishes its own local industry journal and website.

What is not commonly known outside the industry is that these organisations are lobby groups representing the taxi companies and licence investors, not drivers and taxi operators. Consequently drivers consider these journals little more than mouthpieces for the industry’s ‘big end of town’.

Why advertise in OZ Cabbie Magazine online?

There are around 18,000 cabs in Australia of which some 15,000 operate in the capital cities. Whether they own or rent their taxi, it is the drivers who decide which booking app or smartphone to use, when and where to buy fuel, food and drink, and they are the ones recommending the best show, night club, hotel or tourist attraction in town.

When it comes to repair, service, maintenance and insurance, the decisions rest with the taxi operators, most of whom are also drivers, not with the taxi companies or their associations.

OZ Cabbie gives you direct access to this important and lucrative niche market at very low cost. 


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