In late news it has been revealed that the “Iron Lady” of Gold Coast Cabs, CEO Gordana Blazevic, suddenly resigned on Wednesday 26 October effective immediately, citing personal reasons. Contrary to rumours that she was marched off the premises by the board in dramatic fashion, this has been strenuously denied by both herself and the company’s chairman Kris McKinnon, with both stating that her departure was amicable with no animosity between her and the company.

Ms Blazevic told the Gold Coast Bulletin that she planned to take a holiday before looking for employment opportunities in the local area.

Is Uber planning to set up an office on the Gold Coast? Oops! It already has.

Also in late news we can report that Cabcharge is streamlining seven of its taxi brands in Sydney into one – 13CABS. This follows a similar move in Melbourne some years ago and recently in Newcastle and Adelaide. To celebrate the event the company threw a launch party over two days for its Sydney drivers and operators at its CCN headquarters at O’Riordan Street, Alexandria. A number of re-branded taxi vehicles were on display but no sign of its similarly branded ‘private hire’ as in ‘ride-share’ vehicles. Read the inside story Will Cabcharge ditch ihail and go it alone with its 13CABS app?

All through October, goCatch has been giving away $5.00 discounts on all trips taken with its Sydney rideshare service goCar. I couldn’t resist. I’m revealing my experience and taking the opportunity to give my take on why our state governments were in such a rush to legalise ridesharing and what it has to do with the future of the economy of the Western world. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – those were the days my friend

In Victoria the Parliamentary Economy and Infrastructure Committee is investigating whether regulation of ride sourcing services is needed and, if so, how it should be structured.

At a public hearing in September a string of organisations were invited to make representation, notably Uber’s Victorian General Manager, Matthew Denman, and goCatch CEO David Holmes. There were no representative from the Victorian Taxi Association or any other sector of the taxi industry.

The committee is supposed to report to the government on the 8th December 2016 with the government to respond within six months.

In NSW the Legislative Assembly Committee on Transport and Infrastructure has just issued its final report on The Workplace Arrangements in the Point to Point Transport Industry.

Its chief recommendation was that the NSW Government remove the Taxi Industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination from Chapter 6 and thereby taking those contracts out of the jurisdiction of the Industrial Relations Commission, thereby effectively eliminating the unique industrial rights Sydney bailee taxi drivers have enjoyed since 1986, to name just a couple, paid holiday leave and sick pay. Bailees will instead be classified as independent contractors.

It would appear that the race to the bottom is ongoing

Finally, to lift the mood, as in September we have brought back the Just Joking page by popular demand. 

Until next month

Peer Lindholdt

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