Ingogo boosts taxi driver earnings further with cash bonuses and prizes

Fancy an overseas holiday? You could win a big one by joining ingogo now or if you are already an ingogo driver, by referring a mate to join. But, time is running out. To have a chance to win you must act before 30 April. For every driver you refer before that date you get a chance to win a $20,000 travel prize and you will still receive the $250 bonus currently on offer for each successful referral. That’s on top of all the other benefits ingogo offers. Furthermore, the drivers you refer will also get an entry in the draw. Just one more reason to sign up now!

by Peer Lindholdt

This month ridesharing became legal in South Australia. That was the cue for ingogo to launch its taxi booking app in Adelaide where it already has 700 taxi drivers using its EFTPOS terminal.

Why would they sign up before the app had become available? Because ingogo is the only terminal provider still paying a driver commission on transactions. In Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where the EFTPOS surcharge has been reduced from 10% to 5% drivers get between 2.5% and 3% commission, which for a full-time driver can amount to over $3,000 in a 12-month period.

That alone should be a big enough incentive to sign up with ingogo, but wait, there is more! You also get a free receipt printer and a free ingogo smartphone so you don’t have to use your own.

However, ingogo is keen to get more drivers and to this end has introduced its popular FRIEND Program. For every new driver you get to sign up to the platform you are paid a $250 bonus. It has resulted in a large increase in signups each month since the program was introduced in December last year. But a few conditions do apply.

You must be in attendance with them when they sign up. The $250 will only be paid when your mate has been with ingogo for a minimum of 8 weeks and have processed $5,000 or more within his first 8 weeks via the ingogo terminal or app.

Tall order? Hardly. “Most full-time cabbies using the ingogo terminal process well in excess of $1,000 a week”, ingogo CEO and founder, Hamish Petrie, told OZ Cabbie.

As a further incentive there is ingogo’s fantastic $20,000 Travel Lottery: your chance to win a $10,000 Flight Centre travel voucher and $10,000 cash in spending money. It opened on 1 March and runs until 30 April, is open to all new drivers who have signed up during that period and to existing drivers who successfully refer one or more friends. The more friends you refer the more entries in the lottery you get and you still get the $250 referral bonus. So wherever in the world you’d like to visit on holidays, ingogo could take you there.

Drivers who have previously been with ingogo within the last 6 months or who have been removed from the ingogo Driver Network are not eligible to be referred.

Visit the ingogo website for more details.

There is also the ingogoREFER program, which allows you to give your passengers $20 in credit, and earns you $10 for each passenger downloading and using the app. There are also bonuses for picking up short fares, further delivering additional income direct into your pocket.

“We know that the taxi drivers in Australia’s major cities are struggling to compete with new entrants that have simply ignored any rules that haven’t suited them,” Hamish Petrie said. “We believe it is incumbent on us as a business in the taxi industry to help all our drivers to weather the storm.

“With state governments committed to evening the playing field, the rough ride that taxi drivers have had will be over. We’ll still need to be competitive and find ways to disrupt the disruptors, but having our drivers earn fair income for their hard work will always be top of our mind.

“We have some exciting new plans to set in motion in 2016 that will be of further benefit to taxi drivers. Stay tuned for more news in the coming months,” Petrie added. •

About ingogo:
ingogo is an integrated mobile booking and payments company, currently in the Taxi and SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) markets in Australia. Its mobile app assists private and corporate customers to easily book and pay for taxis through their mobile phones. It allows passengers to communicate directly with registered taxi drivers in their local area, see where their driver is and their estimated arrival time, with the option to pay using ingogo’s secure in-taxi payment terminals or virtual mobile accounts. It currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and will add Adelaide this month.

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